Insurance Loan Money

Buy or Rent a House

#Buy or Rent a House Meet Stephany. Stephany has been renting an apartment with her wife Olivia for the past seven years. Recently, Olivia has made it clear to Stephany that she wants to move to the suburbs where there are better schools for their twin girls. While this appeals to Stephany, there’s just one …

Insurance Loan Money

How to Get Life Insurance

Meet Mark and Stephan. They just found out they’re having a baby girl named Maddie. They’re very excited. However, they’re also a little bit worried, Stephan especially. As the sole breadwinner, she fears for the baby’s feature should she die unexpectedly. Luckily however, there is a ready-made solution for this problem: life insurance. Like most …

Insurance Loan Money

Retirement Issue

# Retirement Issue 01 Meet Janna. Janna is a newly employed college graduate with the urge to invest. Janna just finished our two videos “Why Invest” and “How to Invest,” so he understands how he can easily and effectively invest his money through a robo-advisor. While Janna is proud of this newfound knowledge, one obstacle …

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